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Big Data Engineer

We are seeking a SCALA developer who can assist with big data project on daily basis. This project assumes engagement on daily basis in order to extend existing team's capability for data processing including collecting, managing, parsing analyzing and visualizing big/large sets of data. This role also includes working with machine learning models applied on big data digested in order to complete the product requirements. 

Job location: Belgrade or remote


  1. Working on big data project with different file types and formats
  2. Parsing GB's files in size with full respect to server capacity - multiprocessing and multithreading experience required
  3. Parallel data processing and storing results on remote servers
  4. Writing comprehensive scripts to perform data calculations between databases and files containing GB's of data and all with full respect to server capacity
  5. Working on process automations to deliver fast data processing with as much as human interaction as possible.


  1. Experience with SCALA programming language development
  2. Experience with Apache Spark and it's components
  3. Knowledge of cloud computing platforms
  4. Long term experience in OOP programming
  5. Understanding multithreading and multiprocessing
  6. Experience with No-SQL and relation driven DB engines
  7. Understanding of UNIX based systems and system programming
  8. Experience in handling data concurrency
  9. Experience with data formatting - JSON experience with generating and parsing
  10. Experience with bash programming

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